DIY Fabric Basket Sewing Tutorial

There are tons of options available in the market if you want to buy a fabric basket for yourself. You will have an ocean of kinds of bags you will get while searching for the fabric baskets. Whether it is online shopping or shopping from nearby stores, both are time-consuming, and there are chances that you may not like the product even after searching for hours. That is why shopping for something which you can make on your own is regarded as time and effort wasting work.

DIY is the new trend we are familiar with for a long time, but this word has seen an outstanding rise. Due to this pandemic, we have come up with an easy method by using which you can make attractive fabric baskets for you. Our methods are inspired by one of the best sites to get ideas for home decoration, HomeBnc.

They have everything you will require for home decoration, crafts making, designing your house, and similar kinds of things. They the best ideas and this is what we are going to present to you. This method is so easy that even a beginner can make fantastic fabric baskets in no time.

Assemble your Equipment

Before we move further on our stepwise instructions to make a fabric basket, it will be better to talk about the materials you will require in this work. Having all the materials around you within your reach before starting any work speeds up your work and makes you feel calm and relaxed. That is why it is important to gather all the things and then start your work.

In this method, you will require two or three kinds of fabrics first, which will be the exterior of your basket. Second, for the interior of your basket and the third one is the optional one. This fabric will stick to your external fabric to give it the hardness. If you want to use this, it is okay, and if not, it is also not a big issue.

Other than the fabric, you will need iron, a sewing machine, threads, a lot of pins, a tablecloth for better ironing and cutting work, measuring tape, scissors, double side tape, etc.

Let us Start the Main Work: Measurements and Cutting


First, make an actual image of your basket, which you are going to make. Keep in mind its height and depth, and then only take scissors on your hand.

  • First, cut out the two fair prices of desired dimensions from both the fabrics you will make the external and internal part of your fabric basket.
  • Now, put all four on top of each other and cut the bottom edge corners carefully. Cut them in square shape.
  • Now, you are done with the scissor work, so keep it aside and get some pins for the next step.
  • Pin two fabrics of the same kind together on top of each other.
  • Use as many pins as suitable for you. If you can stitch without pins, it is beautiful; otherwise, it is a must for the beginners to keep the stitches straight and clean.
  • After stitching the two fabrics together, you will have two hollow cylindrical shapes fabrics, one of which will be the external while the other one is going to be the internal part of your fabric basket.
  • Press the fabric after stitching to give it the shape of the basket to fit in each other effectively.
  • Now, make the right side out and the wrong side out to the internal and external fabrics respectfully.
  • Put the internal fabric under the external fabric in the same way we have told you in the above step.
  • Now stitch it from all the sides, leaving the top and a bit of space at the side of anyone’s edge.
  • From that open side, take out the inside fabric and turn the right basket way out.
  • After that step, you will have your basket right in front of you with the internal part. Keep it inside of your basket and gently press the edges to give your basket it is shaped.
  • Tada! Your fabric basket is now ready to use.

Extra step:- You can also fold back the top edge 2 to 3 inches to give your basket a unique pattern at the top if you want, or you can also keep it the way it was made. It all depends on your style and choice.

 Bonus Tips

There is another method like the above one, but you make the base of your basket separately in this method.

Cut a square piece out of your fabric. After step 6 of the above method, stitch the base with the resulted fabric in the same way we have mentioned in step 10. After which all the steps are the same.

After completing all the steps, you will have a round bottom fabric basket that will look stunning and its round base gives it a perfect shape and a vertical structure.

Now flaunt these beautiful fabric baskets anywhere in your house, whether in your living room table, in a bedroom, in your children’s room, or anywhere you want. They are going to fit anywhere and will look fantastic as it is.…

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