Crafts Jobs for Stay-at-home Moms

Being a parent is a much testing task. This is something that gets better with time. Especially if you are a mom. Things become more challenging and more stringent for moms as time passes.

If you are a working mom, then things become even more difficult. Managing work and household chores become a difficult task.

But if you are a stay-at-home mom, you can do household chores and manage to take out some time.

So, what to do in these times? Is it not reasonable to invest your time in something beneficial rather than sitting in front of the tv or doing other works?

There are many things you can do from home, which will help you earn as well. If you love arts and crafts, then this is for you.

We have come up with some great crafty jobs you can do. If you are looking for more, then HomeBnc is going to be perfect for you.

They have enormous traffic of people looking to get some ideas and tips on decoration and similar stuff. It would help if you visited them once.

For now, go through these crafty jobs, which you can do to invest your time in something beneficial and earn some money.

Make your YouTube Channel

This is the most straightforward job you can do from your house. All you need is a creative mind that knows arts and crafts well with some experience and patience. Patience is required when you are starting something by yourself.

YouTube has its terms and conditions which does not provide instant pay. So, you must fulfill their criteria to earn money from them.

Choose a place for a recording session and let your creativity run wild. The more you will be able to attract the people on your channel, the easier it will be for you to start earning.

Make sure you put catchy titles and some unique arts so that people come to your channel instead of going to someone else.


If you are good at writing and can take pictures effectively, this will be a piece of cake for you. Blogging is a perfect way to make your audience as people are much involved in the online world.

All you need is time, hard work, and quality writing to get going in this business. It is your writing capability that is going audience for you.

You may be good at arts and crafts cut if you failed to convey what you want to teach, then it is all going to be worthless. So, work on your writing skills, and then it will be comfortable over time.

You may get the attention of some direct sales companies as well. So, be loyal to your work and deliver as much as you can.

Join Online Selling Platforms

This may not be a good option for beginners, but if you have experience in arts and crafts, this will be the best job for you. Many online selling platforms will sell your product and will charge you either.

Etsy is one of the biggest and popular platforms to sell your handmade products. But the competition is very tough out there as many professional designers are selling their products, and in front of them, your product cannot withstand much.

But you can make your site \here you can do blogging which will attract more people from there you can funnel the traffic to your product on Etsy.

There is another platform where you can make a pdf of your design or pattern and instructions on how to make it. People will visit this site, and if they liked your work and are interested in them, they can buy it from there and get your respective share.

Embroidery Business

If you are earning from crafts or have your audience, then this is perfect for you. This will require investment in machines and equipment, but this will be a great way to carve up your skills.

Start with a small audience and then increase your work among large areas. You can make badges, woolen attire, scarfs, socks, and many more items for local stores and local sellers as well.

This could be a risky job; therefore, we have already mentioned that this job is meant for the experienced ones and not for the beginners. This will also require investment so go for it if you have some money to invest.

Watch Out for Scams

The online world is of great use for us, but it also has some nasty effects. People often get scammed easily online; therefore, be alert and not go to new sites or people. Always look out for trusted and official persons or companies for your work.

There are many cases where people have been given the order of completing many products, but nobody came to collect them.

So, always be alert and make sure that if you plan to work with some other platforms or company, then make sure that they are legal and read their terms and conditions carefully.

Do not get caught in baits and research about them and take your time and, if possible, then consult with some friends and family.…

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